Carbon Fiber Double Watch Winder-black

$ 69.99
  • If you don't wear a watch for a long time, it is easy to accumulate oil and dirt, which shortens the life of the watch. To maintain the performance of your watch, it is important to choose the right watch winder. The box is equipped with a small rotating dial, which is slowly rotated by the micro-motor, so that the mechanical watch can be placed on the dial for automatic winding. Low noise generators don't bother your life. High-quality wood, luxurious design, beautiful appearance , and precise structure making it the best way to take care of your watches. Specification Material: MDF Process: baking paint Capacity: 2 watches Colour: Black Specification: 18*18*20cm Weight: 2.5kg  Operation specification First gear (empty): the motor stops working. Second gear: turn clockwise for 2 minutes, stop for 6 minutes, cycle. Third gear: reverse 2 minutes, stop 6 minutes, cycle. Fourth gear: turn clockwise 2 minutes, stop 6 minutes, then turn counterclockwise 2 minutes, stop 6 minutes, cycle. Fifth gear: turn clockwise for 5 minutes, then turn counter clockwise for 5 minutes, circulate, continue to work for 3 hours, then turn off the machine, and then restart and repeat the above action automatically after 9 hours. Feature Finished with smooth lines and beautiful craft. It have a glass top as a window to see the watch as it rotates, doubling as a display case. Powerful compatibility, compatible with 99% of automatic mechanical watches on the market. Ultra-low sound movement, strong power, 24 hours uninterrupted operation. Built-in silent ball bearing, stable and efficient, better noise reduction, noise intensity as low as 10DB. The motor has a built-in pure copper wire for longer life. Five-speed control mode, no need to adjust again after first selection is done. Two power modes: power supply + battery power, get rid of fixed-point power supply troubles. Package includes: 1X Watch winder 1X Power Adaptor 1X Instruction Manual Note: 1. Hold the watch in the pillow strap before placing the watch in the rotating box to avoid possible scratches between the watch and the surface of the glass. 2. Please do not turn the reel manually, for it will damage your reel. 3. When the turntable turns, do not stop or remove the clock by hand. 4. Do not place the product under the sun or in damp locations.

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