The Original Uten Area Rug Pad For Carpet

$ 69.99
  • Features Winds 1 to 2 watches at a time. 3 winding directions: clockwise, counter clockwise and automatic bidirectional. 4 rotation modes for different rotating directions and time. Durable and noiseless Japan motor. Soft adjustable pillow to fit different-sized watches. Soft velvet interior - protects your watch and avoids scratches. Elegant wooden box with high-gloss ebony grain finish. Excellent working keeps the accuracy of TPD(turn per day) and rotating position. Specification Case material: Wood 2 Watch Stands Automatic Rotation Overall Dimension: 7"L x 7"W x 7.7"H(L18cm x W18cm x H19.5cm) Input Power: AC 100-240V, 50-60HZ or 2x 1.5V Battery (not included) Output Power: DC 3V, 300mA Weight: 5.9Lbs (2.7kg) Operation Instruction 1. Put the watch on the watch winder; 2. Plug the AC adaptor into the back of the winder; 3. Turning the control switch knob on the back of the winder; 4. There are 5 modes for the programmable microprocessor to control the time interval of winding cycle Package 1x Watch Winder Display Case 2x Pillows 1x Adapter 1x Cleaning Cloth 1x Manual Note: Watches are Not Included.

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