Several unknown effects of juicing

Relieve your body from constipationIf we eat too much fish and meat, acidic substances would gradually pile up i

Relieve your body from constipation
If we eat too much fish and meat, acidic substances would gradually pile up in the body. Day by day, constipation will be unsolicited. The best choices of fruits and vegetables for constipation are Kiwifruit, Apple, Orange, Green Leaves, no more medicine.  

Help you stay acne-free, beautiful face and smooth skin When the summer arrives, the oily secretion on the skin is too much, and it is easy to grow acne. Some girls are relatively are weak in physique and suffer hormonal imbalances, which would link to acne breakouts. Try these five kinds of fruit and vegetable juices.
Lemon juice: Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and calcium. It is a very good natural beauty product.
Apple juice: Apple is rich in magnesium, which can make the skin rosy and elastic. It also plays a big role in other health aspects.
Tomato juice: Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and effectively reduce the formation of melanin. Eliminate acne marks and acne.
Carrot celery and onion juice: Carrot is rich in carotene. After the carrot is eaten, the absorbed carotene will be converted into vitamin A, and vitamin A is very effective for treating acne and acne.
Apple radish cabbage juice: Add honey to drink. We all know that honey has a cosmetic effect, but many people do not know the effect of acne elimination.

Boost your immune system
Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which can help your body achieve optimal immune status. We recommend watermelon juice, pumpkin juice, strawberry juice, tomato juice, kale juice, carrot juice, orange grapefruit juice, etc.


Help your metabolism
If your metabolism is slow, you may face serious problems such as fatigue, high cholesterol, muscle weakness, dry skin, weight gain, joint swelling, depression and slow heart rate. It is important to promote metabolism to maintain good health. There are many ways to naturally promote metabolism. One way is to eat juices that are known to help promote metabolism.
1. Lemon juice: The enzymes and vitamin C in lemon help to remove toxins from the body and convert them into waste-derived compounds. This ultimately helps to improve your metabolic function.
2. Grapefruit: Grapefruit contains naringenin, a flavonoid with excellent antioxidant properties. Naringenin can help lower blood levels of insulin, thereby balancing blood sugar levels and improving metabolism.
3. Apple juice: Fiber in apples prevents cells from absorbing fat and also promotes water absorption. Helps remove body fat deposits and promote metabolic activity.
4. Broccoli Juice: Broccoli is a magical vegetable that helps improve your body's metabolism. It is rich in calcium and vitamin C and is an essential ingredient in improving metabolism. Calcium acts to promote metabolism, while vitamin C helps calcium absorption.
Help pregnant women maintain a balanced diet
Women are always sensitive during pregnancy. Drinking some appropriate fresh juice can supplement some body ingredients, relieve tension, and help the unborn baby. We recommend apple and lemon juice, carrot and orange juice, celery and strawberry juice. Don't mess with the juice you buy, because there are many additives.If you have your own juice blender. When the child is born, you can make vegetables and fruit juice for her, let him or her have a balanced diet from an early age.