Reasons to buy a blender

Some people may ask: I can just eat fruit, why should I juice them? Then let me give you a few reasons to buy a blender:

Firstly, the blender can not only make juice, smoothies, ice cream, winter hot drinks but also cocktails, soups, puddings, salad, pesto, pizza dough, baby food, sauces, etc.
Secondly, the juice is nutritious. A cup of juice can be added to a variety of fruits, a variety of vitamins, compared to a single fruit, juice is more nutritious and healthy.
Thirdly, it is convenient to carry. For a small group who go out and eat fruit every day, it is not convenient to put an apple in the bag, But the juice can be carried with you in a container
Fourthly, the juice is easy to absorb. For some people with poor stomach digestion, it can reduce the stomach burden.

How to choose a blender?
1, The operation should be simple
It is necessary to choose a easy-to-operate blender, which is convenient for the use of the old and the small in the home, and also has the safety protection function.
2, Cleaning should be simple
The blade of the juicer is more difficult to clean, usually it still has a lot of residue left after each use. So It is important to have a easy-to clean blender, which could save a lot of time in daily life.
3, More functions
The functions and effects of blender are required to be higher in order to cope with the needs of different groups of people at home. It should have functions other than juicing, such as mincing meat, stirring, milkshake making, ice crushing, dry grinding.
4, The material should be environmentally friendly
The shell of the blender is usually made of plastic, but they also have environmental protection requirements. The juicer is used to squeeze food, so it is required to be clean, hygienic and harmless to human body.