The powerful tools- 'pocket scales'

Whether you are a pharmacist, cook, jewelry artisan, chemical experimenter or housewife, you need a high quality digital pocket scale to make your job less stressful and more productive

Top 5 reasons why you need a digital pocket scale


While large scales are normally suited to measuring large items, these small pocket scales can offer precise measurements, they’re also inexpensive so you don’t have to think twice to buy one. It is becoming increasingly useful in many different walks of life. Today, we are gonna discuss 5 reasons why you need one. If you think of other purposes for this scale, welcome to add comments below.


1. Cook delicious meals at home or in the open

You may wonder why pocket scales for kitchen since there are kitchen scales, kitchen scale is suitable no doubt, but if you pursue perfection, pocket scales are more accurate especially idea for ingredients,spices, sauce, carbs, sugars, and other compounds so that you don’t overdo it . Also if you plan a camping trip that includes barbecues , pocket scales is more convenient to carry due to its mini body. 


2. Weigh diamonds, gold and other expensive small items

When it comes to expensive jewellery, every milligram counts, that’s why a pocket scale is crucial. In old days, jewelers would require a large heavy gold weighing scales to buy or sell gold and diamonds, which is undoubtedly a fatiguing thing. But not today, they can place the scales in pocket or small bags and carry everywhere. The bright spot is that the scales can display the weight in grams, ounces and are accurate to 0.01g/0.01dwt/0.0005oz/, no deviation. Also it has a weight limits of 100 grams, which make them ideal for weighing gold, jewels, or gemstones.


3. Measure the right amount of medicine

Pharmacies around the world can benefit greatly from measuring medicine with this digital pocket scales. In the production of prescription filling, this scales precise enough to accurately measure the dosage of powder needed or any medicinal materials, ensuring that you don’t take too much or too little of a specific pharmaceutical product.


4. High precision measurements for experiments

If you do experiments a lot, then you should know that if you add or miss an extra milligram component,it could influence the results or even cause danger. So a pocket scale is indispensable. If you are just a person whos full of curiosity about nature, you can weigh a butterfly, a insect and other living things or other small objects you find outside.


5. Ascertain the weight of letters and small parcels

While this application is less common but worth mention, you can weigh letters or small parcels before you head to the post office so that you can calculate the freight and take things if its overweight. I guess no one wants an unpleasant surprise that find out that you need to pay extra bucks just to send a letter or small sample such as your stamp collection to your friend who’s living abroad.


How to choose a pocket scale?

The first thing to ask yourself when you’re purchasing a pocket scale is “which one is more suitable and cost-effective?” then youll think about , its capacity, accuracy, durability, size ,weight, functions even appearance. Here Ill make a list to give you answers one by one to help you decide:

Capacity&Accuracy: As a general rule, accuracy is compromised to capacity, you cant expect a scale with max capacity of 50kg accurate to 0.01g, so from my perspective, 0.01g for 100g,0.02g for 200g is perfect.

Durability: The material of most scales is stainless steel, shockproof, waterproof, rustproof. But not all of them has protective shell, which can protect the screen, so choose one with protective shell to prolong its service life. Also workmanship is very important too, you can feel it by touching it and check the gap.

Size&Weight : No doubt the lighter and smaller, the better. Like a cellphone, you can put in your pocket or bag, even hang on your neck (just kidding). But if its too small, you cant measure much at one time, so you have to choose proper size to meet your needs.

Functions: This is what matters most, an easy-operate one will save you a lot of time while still have all the needed function. High precision strain gauge sensor is essential, also low battery indicator and overload reminder. And a big and clean screen will help you read the readings especially you are nearsighted

Appearance: I guess for female, appearance is no less important, a special design will seduce them to buy quickly without caring more about other factors. Luckily, Utens scales have both all needed functions and appearance ,they look like flip phones and calculators, you can send to your friends as gift.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list, you’re ready to buy a pocket scale. Uten offers solution to meet all of your weighing needs.



Why choose us? Here we are gonna talk about the pros of our scales


This portable digital pocket scale warrants error-free result. Lightweight and exquisite, the scale has a flip open cover that not only protects the sensitive screen and weighing components including the weighing platform but also works as a weighing tray to weigh more things when the platform has no enough place to weigh. This tool is designed to deliver a maximum capacity of 100-200 grams, designed for small objects.

The blue backlight LCD screen makes it easy to read readings even in the dark. Geared with high precision electronic sensors, this scale delivers measurements with high accuracy and reliable readings.

If you need a weighing scale for on-the-go weight measurements, Uten scale is your best choice.



It guarantees precision on the go and works in any environment whether in the home, laboratory, pharmacy or on business trips. Its mini size doesn’t compensate on quality, precision and reliability.