Why do you need a fitness scale?

Discover how to make the best use of your fitness scale - PART1

At Uten we develop products to make your life easier and healthier. Using a fitness scale, also named body fat or body composition scale will help you to reach your target of losing fat and gaining muscles. Whatever are your goals, what is important to us is that you find and reach your personal balance and lifestyle.

This fitness scales will give you important information you need to know to follow without having to spend a fortune on an overpriced scale. We want to be your partner to reach your goal to have a healthier life.
Indeed, basic scales that only give your weight without any explanations do not help you to understand your body. Our fitness scale will give you this better understanding of your body composition and, thanks to the app, will track your long-term body changes, witnessing your improvements and progresses.
This  tracking is important because, when you are following a diet or a training plan, it happens to lose your motivation. It is normal and it is happening for various reasons. Tracking your progress overtime will help you to STAY FOCUSED on your goals and to KEEP YOUR MOTIVATION to reach them. 

One of the losing motivation reason is that you do not see the results of your efforts quickly enough. Your weight is not decreasing whereas your are running and paying attention to your diet... It can be explained by the fact that you are losing fat and gaining muscles. Muscles being heavier than fat you might not lose weight...  The fitness scale will show you that reality! Your work rocks! And you must keep going on your efforts!
Your improvements will tracked through the various indicators that you can read directly on the scale or on the app:
Information displayed on the scale screen: 
- Weight
- % of muscles
- % of fat
- % of  water 
- % of bones

Information displayed on the App:
- All information displayed on the screen are also displayed on the App
- BMI: Body Mass Index
- BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate
- AMR: Active Metabolic Rate

In the following articles we will explain you what does each information mean and how to use it to improve your training and diet. Spoiler alert, It is all related to what you eat, how much you exercise and how you recover.

Our scale is working with our own app and we love it but, if you prefer, you can link it to other sport apps as Apple Health or Google Fit if you are already using one and want to gather all your data on one app.
We will also share with you our team experience, we have our goals to reach and are facing the same struggles than you. We also have partners and testers that will give their feedback and share their best practices. We hope it will help you to define what is the best for you. For more personal advice, ask a doctor, a nutritionist or a fitness coach.
We just hope that our advice will help you to make the best use of your scale and, of course, will help you to reach your goals, having a healthier and better life with Uten.